“I love our city. My vision is to build a Bridgeport where my children and your children want to live and will thrive. The only way to move our city forward is to open the doors of City Hall to new ideas and to work hard on the issues. I will get that done with honesty and integrity.”


Marilyn is the only candidate for mayor with a proven track record of fighting for our interests and delivering results. As an independent Democrat, five-term State Senator, and lifelong Bridgeport resident, she is committed to building a Bridgeport that works for all. Here are samples of her hard work.

DOLLARS for the City of Bridgeport to complete the Civic Block project.
DOLLARS in grants for Barnum School, Bassick High School, Bridgeport Military Academy, Wilbur Cross Elementary, Dunbar Elementary, Harding High School, and & Marin Elementary.
DOLLARS to finance the creation of 85 units, with 62 units restricted as affordable.
DOLLARS to rehab Sikorsky Memorial Airport and improvements for Bridgeport Wastewater Project.


Improving public health and safety, preventing youth gun violence, increasing the minimum wage, expanding healthcare, making housing more affordable, and fighting for racial justice and equity.

We need City Hall to focus on working for the people, not for politicians. Whether it’s improving government transparency, encouraging resident engagement, strengthening HR practices, or upgrading technology, we can make simple fixes that can have a big impact.
Public education is the heartbeat of our democracy. It’s one of the best tools we have for lifting people out of poverty. Every Bridgeport student deserves the same: The best teachers, resources that meet their needs, and school environments that are safe and welcoming.
Safe communities are well-resourced. We know that to strengthen public safety we must take a holistic approach to community health and well-being. This requires partnership and collaboration across many sectors including community-led prevention and intervention nonprofits, the police department, emergency responders, public health providers, state and municipal government, and social services.
Housing is a human right. All Bridgeporters deserve access to safe and affordable housing, but we know that our region and the country is in a crisis of unaffordability. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, rents have gone up and more people are facing evictions, making it difficult for everyday people to stay here. Bridgeport needs to grow our housing supply, while also protecting and maintaining our current housing stock
Bridgeport has everything we need to grow. We don’t have to raise taxes because our city has so much potential and real, unique assets. Yet, our economic growth is being held back by our reputation as a “pay to play” system. Bridgeport needs trusted leadership that will provide long-term stability in order to attract new businesses and private investment. We also need leadership that will support our diverse small business community, which is the heartbeat of our city.
Our strength lies in our diversity. Bridgeport is home to so many diverse peoples from all walks of life. From African-Americans who can trace their ancestry back to slavery to recent immigrants from the Americas, our city is a beautiful tapestry of cultural difference. Sadly, the history of the United States, Connecticut, and Bridgeport is full of examples of institutional racism, discrimination, and inequality. It’s time for the local government to focus on building tools for equity and inclusion.

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