Bridgeport has everything we need to grow. We don’t have to raise taxes because our city has so much potential and real, unique assets. Yet, our economic growth is being held back by our reputation as a “pay to play” system. Bridgeport needs trusted leadership that will provide long-term stability in order to attract new businesses and private investment.

We also need leadership that will support our diverse small business community, which is the heartbeat of our city.

Marilyn Moore will lead on a vision for Bridgeport’s economic growth by doing the following:

  1. Marketing and promoting Bridgeport: Marilyn will be Bridgeport’s loudest champion as a thriving center for deep-water port activity, manufacturing, the green economy, arts, entertainment, tourism, and more. Her administration will be particularly focused on growing Bridgeport's downtown as a cultural center for the region.
  2. Working with Connecticut’s Department of Economic and Community Development: Marilyn will leverage her excellent relationships at the state and her experience with state bonding to showcase Bridgeport’s assets and bring real investment and jobs to Bridgeport.
  3. Supporting our unions: Marilyn knows firsthand the important role unions play in building a strong economy for all. She will be a champion for working people everywhere
  4. Streamlining the small business permitting process: Bridgeport should be an easy place to open a business. Under Marilyn’s administration, she will improve the permitting and customer service process so small business owners feel valued.
  5. Supporting the arts: Marilyn knows that investment in the arts brings back economic returns. Her administration will foster and grow our arts economy. 
  6. Leading on a vision for our region: If Bridgeport grows, everyone wins. Marilyn’s strong relationships with leadership in our surrounding towns like Trumbull, Monroe, Westport, and more means that she is poised to bring people together around a shared vision for our region. She will convene a regional task force to discuss and plan for how we are stronger together.