Our strength lies in our diversity. Bridgeport is home to so many diverse peoples from all walks of life. From African-Americans who can trace their ancestry back to slavery to recent immigrants from the Americas, our city is a beautiful tapestry of cultural differences. Sadly, the United States, Connecticut, and Bridgeport's history is full of institutional racism, discrimination, and inequality.

It’s time for the local government to focus on building tools for equity and inclusion.

Marilyn Moore will make equity, diversity, and inclusion a top priority for her administration by doing the following:

  1. Releasing a racial equity study: We need insight into race and equity within City Hall and our city services. Marilyn will fund a racial equity study to provide transparency into how local government is - or isn’t - an equitable actor.
  2. Using data to analyze disparate impacts: Marilyn’s administration will use city-collected data, as well as data from nonprofits, hospitals, etc, to examine racial and ethnic outcomes in health, education, wealth, housing, and more. This will help her administration design effective policies for closing those gaps.
  3. Ensuring language access: Marilyn will work to improve language access to city services and local government.
  4. Celebrating our city’s rich cultures: Marilyn’s administration will not only reflect and represent the cultural diversity of Bridgeport, but will also celebrate Bridgeport’s cultures through festivals, flag-raisings, proclamations, and more. Her door will be open to all.