Public education is the heartbeat of our democracy. It’s one of the best tools we have for lifting people out of poverty. Every Bridgeport student deserves the same: The best teachers, resources that meet their needs, and school environments that are safe and welcoming. We can have this in Bridgeport, but first we have to address the most pressing issues facing our district.

Only 33% of Bridgeport students are reading at grade level and only 25% of students between the second and eighth grades are currently proficient in math. Lack of education funding, teacher shortages, and teacher diversity continue to be chronic issues and have gone unaddressed.

Marilyn Moore will make improving our public schools for all children her top priority, by doing the following:

1) Increasing city and state education funding: Marilyn will work with our state delegation to demand more money from the state. She will also reverse the trends of the past decade by working tirelessly to reallocate money in our city budget towards education.
2) Leading on a community vision for our schools: Marilyn will work with the Superintendent, Board of Education, and public and private partnerships to advance a vision that reimagines our school district to include:
• Universal Pre-K so that all children in Bridgeport get a head start
• Community Schools so that our public schools provide services and support that fit our neighborhood’s needs
• Arts, music, and extracurricular programs in every school
3) Partnering on a strategic plan for district improvement: Marilyn will work with the Superintendent and Board of Education to develop and execute a strategic plan that sets us on the right track to dramatically improve our students’ math and literacy scores and graduation rates.
4) Creating a database for youth engagement: Marilyn’s administration will create a database of free or low-cost programs available for youth up to 24 that will include mentoring, tutoring, sports, college tours, and entertainment. The database will allow parents citywide to find programs and nonprofits to post their programs.