Housing is a human right. All Bridgeporters deserve access to safe and affordable housing, but we know that our region and the country is in a crisis of unaffordability. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, rents have gone up and more people are facing evictions, making it difficult for everyday people to stay here. Bridgeport needs to grow our housing supply, while also protecting and maintaining our current housing stock.

We can attract developers who are ready to do business while also protecting renters from slumlords and substandard housing conditions. We must preserve our identity as a city where everyone can afford to live, work, and raise a family.

Marilyn Moore will enact a common-sense housing plan for Bridgeport that includes the following:

  1. Releasing an affordable housing plan: Bridgeport is many years late in submitting an affordable housing plan to the state. Tapping into her experience with state bonding, Marilyn will make sure that Bridgeport has a plan, in partnership with private and public investment, with targeted goals for equitably maintaining and growing Bridgeport’s affordable housing stock.
  2. Prioritizing safety for public housing residents: Public housing residents deserve to live in a safe community that includes proper lighting, police presence, and responsive leadership. Marilyn will seek state and federal funds to upgrade lighting and support increased police presence in public housing, particularly in areas that have experienced gun violence.
  3. Upgrading Bridgeport’s permitting process: Bridgeport needs timely responses to requests for permits and responsible, highly-qualified staff that treats everyone seeking to do business in Bridgeport equally. Under Marilyn’s administration, she will create transparent standards, timeframes, and evaluations to ensure we are providing the best possible customer service to all contractors and developers.
  4. Making Bridgeport’s housing energy efficient: Marilyn’s administration will lead on coordinating private and public energy-efficient programs for Bridgeport homeowners.
  5. Enforcing housing codes and building permits: Bridgeport residents should not have to suffer from slumlords and bad actors who violate our housing codes and engage in unpermitted work. Marilyn’s administration will crack down on these bad actors.