Bridgeport deserves more from our government. The improvements we need to make in service delivery are not rocket science. We just need City Hall to focus on working for the people, not for politicians. Whether it’s improving government transparency, encouraging resident engagement, strengthening HR practices,

or upgrading technology, we can make simple fixes that can have a big impact. Bridgeport can be a city where things “get done,” but first we need focused and committed leadership.

Marilyn Moore will build a team at City Hall that will usher in new, innovative ideas with expertise and experience, by doing the following:

  1. Prioritizing employee pride and retention: The best way to retain employees is to provide them with opportunities for success and growth. Marilyn will provide regular professional development, training, and opportunities for advancement for all employees at City Hall.
  2. Holding effective performance reviews: Marilyn’s experience in corporate leadership means she knows firsthand that consistent, fair, and effective evaluations can lead to employee satisfaction. Under her administration, people who are doing good work at City Hall will be able to showcase their talents and successes through annual Performance Reviews and regular staff meetings.
  3. Modernizing our technology: Bridgeport needs to bring its service delivery into the 21st Century. Marilyn will make hiring a Chief Technology & Innovation Officer a top priority. She will also recruit data analysts to work within this office so the city becomes more data-driven in its decision-making.
  4. Focusing on recruitment and hiring: The City of Bridgeport should be marketed as a great place to work. Under Marilyn’s administration, Bridgeport’s civil service structure will be improved to make us more competitive with surrounding towns. She will also provide incentives for employees to live in Bridgeport.
  5. Increasing community and civic engagement: Marilyn will work with her administration and City Council to increase resident involvement by:
    • Overhauling our Boards and Commissions application process so that it encourages meaningful resident involvement.
    • Enacting participatory budgeting so everyday residents can have a say in where and how their tax dollars are spent
    • Holding an annual civics event for residents who want to learn more about city government and how to get involved
    • Hosting office hours at the neighborhood libraries to hear directly from residents
  6. Strengthening neighborhood planning: Marilyn’s administration will focus on more strategic neighborhood planning by:
    • Coordinating the Office of Planning and Economic Development with the Neighborhood Revitalization Zones
    • Releasing a neighborhood beautification plan that prioritizes neighborhoods that need the most investment
    • Enacting a complete streets plan that will improve our roads, sidewalks, bike lanes, and intersections in phases
  7. Improving our service delivery: 311 and See Click Fix are great tools but only if they are used in coordination with neighborhood planning and data analysis. Marilyn’s administration will coordinate public facilities to have better response times to issues, and to significantly improve response times to street cleanup, bulk pickup, dumping, graffiti, blight, and more.
  8. Ensuring government transparency: Marilyn’s administration will be an open book. From tracking timely responses to FOIA requests to looking at the city and capital budgets, from searching city-owned lands and brownfields to seeing who has city contracts, everything will be available on the city’s website.
  9. Forming a Charter Revision Commission: Marilyn supports forming Bridgeport’s long overdue charter revision commission to reinstate a fair balance of power in local government. Her administration will work alongside the City Council to push forward equitable ideas and policies that are in the best interest of Bridgeport residents.